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Ever need a custom stencil?
I'm here to help you.

My set up-art fees are usually never more than $25.00.
Please email me your idea or image
that you want to have turned into a stencil,
and I'll quote you on how much the
art fees and stencils will be.
Please send images that are black & white
such as .jpg or .bmp
that are the highest resolution possible.

If all you have is a sketch, send it on,
I'll see what I can do with it.

If your design is re-usable
(like a cool tribal, or an unusual butterfly)
and other people may possibly want to
purchase it in the future,
there will be NO art fee.

If you have a vector art version of your artwork,
there will also be NO art fee.
(Vector files are files with the extensions of:
.ai, .eps, or .wmf )

Email your images to:


COEXIST Stencil designed by

Cindy Trusty of

Want to try this stencil?
You can purchase one here: